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One of the best (i.e., only) secular arguments I've ever heard against moral acceptance of polyamory/polygamy came from a book I once read on evolutionary psychology.

Imagine a society of 200 people, 100 men and 100 women, all ranked numerically in order of their desirability as mates. In a society that enforces monogamy, man #1 marries woman #1, man #2 marries woman #2, and so on down the line. In a society that permits polygamy (which is, the book said, most commonly manifested as polygyny), man #1 marries women #1-4, man #2 marries women #5-7, and so on, and you wind up with a subclass of undesirable men who cannot find counterparts. Historically, the book argued, societies that allowed for patriarchs and kings with harems of women necessarily found themselves dealing with hordes of low-class unfuckables, males whose only avenues to pass on their genetic lineage were... shall we say... unsavoury.

Of course, this presumes a very simplistic version of humanity, one in which romance is fundamentally about sex and sex is fundamentally about reproduction. As our civilization has progressed, arguably, we have become less and less utilitarian, less and less bestial. It would not surprise me if, in the coming years, polyamorous relationships move away from the polygynous skew and become accepted by popular culture in much the same way that homosexuality has.

As a side note, I hope someone draws that Post-It note thing.

(Tuesday afternoon, INT: ChA's apartment)

CA: We're technically not a "harem", anyway. "Harem" is from the Arabic word "haram", meaning forbidden, it refers to the women's only section of the home. A "harem" is one man surrounded by multiple women.
ChA: Well, take gender out of it.
CA: If we remove gender from the equation, in Islam, you're allowed to have up to four spouses, so I'm still under the limit.
ChA: Agh, I guess I'm just... I mean I'm upset that you've been hiding this from me, you know? I thought we were closer than that.
CA: I didn't want to hurt you, if that means anything.
ChA: So am I ever going to meet these loves of your life?
CA: You've met Max before, actually. She was the one at the Halloween party wearing nothing but Post-It notes.
ChA: That would explain why she came up behind me, grabbed my tits, and then told me to loosen up and have another drink! She must not have been able to tell the difference between us when we were in costume!
CA: No, no, that's about right for Max.