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I like the narrative juxtaposition, here, of Carol describing Max as a "constant", given the last storyline.

(Tuesday afternoon, INT: ChA's apartment)

ChA: So your big happy relationship coming to a flaming end is a mathematical near-certainty. That's sad.
CA: Every relationship ends eventually. Death exists.
ChA: Well, yeah. You know what I mean.
CA: Honestly, it's a lot better than I make it sound. Poly relationships have an advantage in this respect, we can sort of reinforce each other.
ChA: What, like "hey, you, kissing my boyfriend, keep up the good work!"?
CA: Something like that. More about facilitating communication and emotional openness, the kissing tends to take care of itself.
CA: Max is the best at it, she's really the glue that keeps us all together.
ChA: Post-It note girl facilitates emotional openness? Really?
CA: Oh, very much so. Max is a constant, an elemental force. It's like being in a relationship with a tidal wave. You'd really like her.
ChA: Hey, maybe if I like her enough, she'll make me person number six.
CA: Eugh, don't even joke about that. My romantic life may spit in the face of tradition in a variety of ways, but "twincest" is where I draw the line, thank you very much.
ChA: Yes. Good. Thank you. Glad we're on the same page.