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There are two ways to be a good liar.

The first is to develop a reputation for perfect, unimpeachable honesty.

The second is develop a reputation for being a very bad liar.

(Wednesday morning, EXT: street, unnamed thugs have surrounded JH)

unnamed thug: Th'FUCK you just fuckin' say to me?
JH: Oh God, oh God, I'm sorry, I'm just... I'm really desperate, and I didn't know what to DO other than just... find a rough part of town and look for people who were standing around! It's not a race thing, I swear.
other thug: Dude, we're all white.
JH: Well, yeah, I know, but... but... you know what I mean, right?
JH: Look, let me start over. My name's Rick Bishop, I'm a grad student in neurology up at the university, we're working on possible treatments for Alzheimer's.
JH: We've been using phencyclidine in all our experiments because it produces similar dissociative effects, I was transporting the drugs and... stupid, stupid! - I got pulled over for a busted tail light.
JH: We had all the paperwork to handle a controlled substance, but the cops confiscated it anyway, and they say it'll be six to eight weeks before they release it back to us!
JH: Bottom line, I've got two dozen genetically engineered rat brains hooked up to electrodes as we speak, and they're not getting any fresher. I need at least four hundred milligrams of PCP, as pure and close to the source as I can get it, I'm willing to pay double whatever the going market rate is.
unnamed thug: You're trying to cure Alzheimer's?
JH: ...our work might also have applications for other related forms of dementia?
unnamed thug: My Nana had that. ...I might know a guy who knows a guy.
JH: Oh, oh, bless you, bless you sir.