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Word choice is key when you're trying to pitch something to someone. That's why I enjoy my voluminous vocabulary - I have a lot of weapons in my arsenal.


(Saturday. INT: Simon and Wallace's apartment)

MH: Sooo... capitalism versus communism? The invisible hand of the free market versus the red menace?
EB: Open sourcing information has nothing to do with communism.
JH: Dude, it totally does.
EB: The two philosophies have absolutely nothing in common. Socialism completely denies the possibility of personal ownership, all the people's labour is produced for and controlled by a totalitarian state.
EB: Open sourcing information - which only applies to information, not physical goods - maintains personal ownership and privacy while allowing everyone to work together to improve something.
JH: See, that's just in the way you spin it, though. It's all about word choice.
JH: I could just as easily say that socialism enables citizens to work together to bring food and medicine to those members of the community who need them the most.
MH: Dude, are you actually arguing in favour of communism? Have the eighties taught you nothing?
JH: I was never allowed to watch TV when I was a kid. I think I need a remedial course in Thundercats or something.