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Yes, yes, I'm a big mean writer man who doesn't let anyone have any fun.

Romantic and sexual attraction are hard to nail down. I've certainly had many instances in my life of experiencing attraction towards someone for whom that attraction made no sense... and, conversely, of feeling absolutely no attraction towards people who, on paper, were perfect matches for me. Every attempt I've made to understand and categorize all the various factors that go into it, I always wind up with people who are somewhere outside that Venn diagram that still ping.

I don't believe it's always permanent, though. People change. Attitudes change. Heck, I'd bet that if Gina were to take a page from Max's book - rip off that green turtleneck and demand that Jamie not rule her out as a love interest without first acknowledging her as a woman and as a sexual being - she could change his mind pretty quickly. I think we can agree that that's not really her style, though, regardless of what Max might advise.

(Wednesday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's kitchen, JH is doing dishes.)

JH: Gina, at the time I came to your house to bake egg-crust pizza, it honestly did not occur to me that that was a date. In retrospect, I certainly understand how you would have come to that conclusion, and I apologize for leading you on. It was not my intent.
JH: You're a perfectly lovely woman, both esthetically and in terms of your personality, and I enjoyed our time together. On paper, I suppose, we'd make a perfectly fine couple. I just don't... instinctively see you as a viable romantic partner.
JH: Honestly, I'm not sure why not. Perhaps it's the context in which I met you, the first impression, it set a standard for our interaction that wasn't romantic in nature.
JH: Or perhaps it's the Christian belief in monogamous, permanent marriage as the be-all-end-all end-goal of all romantic relationships - thinking of you in the context of your faith forces me to interpret romance with you as courtship leading to matrimony, which I'm really not aiming for at this point in my life.
GU: Oh, well, that's very-
JH (interrupting): Oh, and Ellen, I borrowed your glasses so I could infiltrate a local drug ring to track down a murderer. Sorry for the inconvenience.