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What is "realism"?

Leftover Soup is a fairly realistic comic, in that it doesn't feature robot sidekicks or talking cats. It's also an unrealistic comic, in that it features characters with extreme personalities and opinions, and occasionally events occur that are improbable.

Leftover Soup can vary in tone and intensity. There are big storylines about little things and little storylines about big things. There's been more strips devoted to games - to people sitting around and pretending - than there have been devoted to life and death.

I imagine different readers read Leftover Soup for different reasons - some of you like the silliness and the punchlines, some of you like the philosophical back-and-forth, some of you like the chemistry between characters, some of you are invested in the overarching plotline. I try to keep balance. Pacing is difficult, in an artform like this.

(Wednesday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's living room.)

GU: What... what are you even talking about?
JH: Oh, um... a few weeks ago, I was mugged in the park by this guy. And I called the cops.
GU: I heard about that part.
JH: Okay, well, I think that the guy who mugged me may have murdered a teenager, and now I'm... I'm following up on that.
GU: See, that. That's not a thing that really happens in the real world.
JH: What part of that doesn't happen, exactly?
GU: All of it! Secret murders and drug lords and stuff! That's not real!
JH: Murder isn't real? That's a relief. I was under the impression that folks got murdered sometimes.