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There's a big Wikipedia article on factors that statistically correlate to criminality. It's an interesting read, but much of it is what you'd expect.

Males commit more violent crimes than females, but shoplifting is committed by both equally. No one race is prone to crime, but ethnically diverse regions are more prone to it than ethnically homogenous ones. Alcohol abuse correlates to crime. Low education correlates to crime. Bedwetting correlates to crime. And, of course, low income, frequent unemployment, and economic inequality correlate to crime.

That, I think, more than anything, should be the liberal response to fiscal conservatives' dislike of wealth redistribution - you're not giving money away to bums who didn't earn it, you're purchasing a better, more crime-free world for yourself to live in.

(Wednesday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's living room.)

GU: I'm not saying violent crime doesn't happen, obviously.
JH: But it doesn't happen to people like us, is what you mean.
GU: Well, yeah.
JH: Why not? Because you've never seen it happen to someone in your immediate social circle? Because we're white and middle class?
GU: Um... yeah. I guess.
JH: Well, if it helps, I don't know his economic situation, but the dead kid wasn't white.
GU: That... that doesn't help! Why would that help?
EB: Jamie, I've seen your paystubs. If you're under the impression that you're middle class, I've got some bad news for you.