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Have I mentioned how much I love writing Max dialogue? Because I love writing Max dialogue. Clearly, this must be that "facilitating communication and emotional openness" stuff that Carol mentioned she was so good at.

If you ask me, the best way to facilitate communication in a relationship is to not only "need to talk" when you have something negative or critical to say. Think of the invitation to conversation as a lever - if it always delivers an electric shock, the subject's going to stop pressing it pretty quickly. You need to dispense a food pellet every now and then.

(Wednesday evening, INT: MH's living room.)

TH: Hey, Max.
MH: Hey there, gorgeous. Was just thinking about you.
TH: Because I texted and said I was coming over?
MH: Well, yes, but I'm counting it as romantic anyway.
MH: So... fancy a shag, then?
TH: Actually, I was hoping to have a conversation with you about something.
MH: Is it a conversation we can have whilst thou art within my person?
TH: It is not.
MH: Then boo, I say. Boo to your conversation!
TH: Max. Seriously, we need to talk.
MH: I... shit. Needing to talk is not good. Did something happen? Did you break up with Carol? Are you breaking up with me?
TH: No. But... I just need to talk about something, and I would appreciate some seriousness right now.
MH: Trent Howard, you have my love, my respect, and my undivided attention. I'll even throw in eye contact at no additional charge.
MH (leaning forward): Eyyyye contaaaaaact...
TH (pushing her away): Eye contact does not mean touching!