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The term "gold star" is usually only used by the gay and lesbian community, for obvious reasons. People who are "gold star straight" are presumably far more common than "gold star gay", as "straight" is the societal default.

Of course, like the term "virgin"... or, indeed, like "sex" itself, the exact boundaries of the term "gold star" are fuzzy. Presumably, one could make the argument that Trent is still gold star as he didn't choose to have sex with a man.

I'm not a fan of the term, to be honest, because (like "virginity") it necessarily implies a very binary, reductive view of the entire spectrum of human sexuality.

(Wednesday evening, INT: MH's living room.)

TH: So yesterday I was with Simon, and he mentioned that he had sucked my dick.
MH: Mmwhat's all this now? And why wasn't I invited?
TH: You were. He said that we were all together and you had... handed it off to him.
MH: Oh, that. Yeah, that was months ago, dude.
TH: And I'm only finding out about it now. You see why I am displeased, yes?
MH: I didn't know you didn't know about that.
TH: Really? Because it seems like the sort of thing you would know whether or not I knew.
MH: So you're not gold star straight. Sorry for the inconvenience.
TH: I feel you are not giving this the seriousness I requested.
MH (leaning forward again): I'm sorry, would you like some more eye contact?
TH: I would not, thank you.