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Apologies (like expressions of regret or love or loyalty) tend to mean much, much less when you have to specifically ask for them.

Also, yes, "Assassin's Creed" is a reference to way back in comic #67.

(Wednesday evening, INT: MH's living room.)

MH: It's not like I told Simon to do it. It was more like a "hey, check out this rad phallus over here" kinda motion, and the next thing I knew, he was all up on it.
TH: You didn't stop him.
MH: Well, his mouth was already touching it, so I figured, hey, no harm in letting him finish.
TH: You knew that I would not have approved or consented. And you stood by-
MH: Wasn't exactly standing, as I recall.
TH: You let it happen. Evidently, I can't trust you with my anatomy unless I'm looking directly at it, and that's going to be an issue for us.
MH: I'm sorry, okay? Is that what you wanted me to say? I'm sorry and it won't happen again.
TH: Well, no, that's not what I wanted you to say, because you're clearly only saying it now because I've bullied you into it.
MH: I guess it's kind of hard for me because, quite frankly, I wouldn't have a problem with the same thing happening to me. As you may recall, I do enjoy getting Assassin's Creeded on the regular.
TH: Yeah, we really should find a better video game metaphor for that, the connotations of you being stabbed to death in an Italian courtyard are kinda boner-killing.