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Terminology is everything.

A lot of readers have been upset with Max during this storyline, alleging that she advocates sexual assault, that she doesn't respect her partners' orientations, that she doesn't take consent seriously, et cetera. The thing about Max, though, is that I have always written her without any sort of moderation. She's always at either zero or eleven.

We've seen zero for a bit, now let's see some eleven.

(Wednesday evening, INT: MH's living room.)

MH: Wait, Trent. You said "rape"?
TH: Yes, Max, that's what nonconsensual intercourse is. It's in the dictionary and everything. What did you think we were talking about?
MH: I... I thought we were talking about, like, an overall consensual encounter that happened to feature a specific element that you didn't like and didn't want to happen again. I didn't know we'd be busting out the felony terminology.
TH: Well, I'm not pressing charges or anything, but... yeah. That's how I'm considering it.
MH (hugging TH): Fuck, no, Trent, fuck, I love you, I'm sorry, you should have said something!
TH: I did! I've been saying something. Saying something is what I've been doing!
MH: I didn't think it was serious!
TH: I literally said the word "serious", like, three times. I really shouldn't have to threaten to break up with you to get your attention.