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Contrary to Gina's assertion in the last panel, in my experience, I think it would not be difficult to find Christians (generally, male Christians who are not at a particularly high risk to actually be sexual assaulted) who would insist that, no, "eye for an eye" absolutely applies to sexual assault. I think it would be equally easy to find Christians who would insist, equally dogmatically, that "turn the other cheek" applies.

Personally, I think that in any complex and personally significant circumstance, a single four-word aphorism is insufficient to provide meaningful guidance.

(Wednesday evening, INT: MH's living room.)

MH (still frantically clinging to TH): Fuck. Fuck. Fuck, Trent, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I love you, I love you, I love you so much.
TH: Yeah, Max, I... I know.
MH: You can get mad if you want. You could.... you could hit me or something.
TH: What? No! No, Max, why would I want to hit you?
MH: I... I was gonna say you could rape me back, but me saying that kinda makes it not work.
TH: That's... both of those things are horrible! Don't say that.
MH: Well, I mean... I just want us to be even somehow. Isn't that what Jesus said, Gina, eye for an eye?
GU: He said the exact opposite of that, actually. "Eye for an eye" is Old Testament, Jesus is the "turn the other cheek" guy.
GU: Although, to be honest, I really don't think either statement is meant to apply to sexual assault.
TH: Yeah, I think Christianity would be a very different religion if its founder had commanded his followers to rape each other.