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And that's Simon Wessel, Wallace's live-in lover and dude número dos in Max's life. There's more to him than video game innuendo, I promise.

Now that I have taught you how to "Assassin's Creed" someone... don't ever do it.


(Saturday. INT: Simon and Wallace's apartment)

MH (in WW's lap): Well, anyhoo, I gots to get my bone on, or I'll be all blue-balled during game. You two lovebirds skedaddle!
WW: But I've got work to do!
MH: Tough noogies, dark chocolate.
EB: I do believe that is our cue to say dasvidaniya, comrade.
JH (leaning over to fistbump WW, whose hand is extending up from his smothering embrace): Mr. White, it's been a pleasure.
WW (head offpanel): Likewise. If you do decide to market any of your games, give me a call.
JH: Will do.
(INT: the hallway outside Wallace and Simon's apartment, EB and JH encounter Simon Wessel)

SW: Oh, hi, Ellen. Is Max here?
EB: Hey, Simon. Yeah, just dropped her off. She and Wallace are apparently getting their bone on, so if you want to...
SW: ...nah, I'll give'em a few minutes, then maybe I can Assassin's Creed her.
JH: Assassin's Creed?
SW (extending his ring finger): See, you wait until your target is distracted...
EB: Right, right, very good, good luck with that then.