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In the Phantom Menace, Anakin is told that he's special, he's brought before the Jedi Council, his potential is demonstrated... and he is turned away, told he is too old for training.

Now, I know why this scene was included. It's the same as Luke being initially rejected by Yoda for the same reason. It's meant to draw parallels between Anakin and Luke, to show how both men were on similar paths, and one chose light while the other chose darkness.

But Anakin is, like, eight, and essentially a blank slate. It's clearly bullshit.

In my headcanon, this rejection is a traditional step in Jedi training, something they do to all new applicants, regardless of age. Similar to Fight Club, you are initially turned away, told you are disqualified - and disqualified in a way that you cannot fix. Fat kids can become skinny, short kids can become tall, but no one can become younger. The real test is to show determination and drive, to stare in the face of these unimpeachable authority figures and say "no, you're wrong, I'll train really hard and take it really seriously and you'll see - one day, I'll be the greatest!".

(I once played a Jedi Academy dropout in a Star Wars RP game who had passed this first test, but failed the second - if your lightsaber doesn't turn on immediately, do not look directly into the focusing crystal while shaking it.)

Anyway, in much the same way that my superego is a lapsed Satanist and my id is vegan, it's ironic that my religious upbringing - my childhood - is one of the oldest members of the cast. (Although, it should be noted, she's younger than her authour - stupid sliding timescale.)

I think we can agree that regardless of what Gina thinks about herself, the reason she has yet to find love has little to do with her age or her height or even her religion. Whether or not the actual reason can be put down in words and subsequently solved is an exercise left to the reader.

(Wednesday evening, INT: hallway of the apartment building)

GU (muttering to herself while leaving): It's not like I even wanted to...
GU: ...stupid, immature, broken...
GU: ...can't ever make it work...
(EXT: leaving the apartment)

GU (still muttering): I mean, I know I don't deserve...
GU: ...why I have to be so tall...
GU: stupid, so STUPID!
(EXT: alley behind building)

GU (yelling in frustration, punching the air): NYAAAA!
unnamed drunk guy, from across the street: Wooo!
unnamed drunk guy 2: Show us your tits!