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In all of the various pieces I've read about surviving sexual assault, one aspect of the aftermath that sounds worst to me is the way in which it changes how people see you. The label of "rape victim", whether you apply it to yourself or it is applied to you by others, necessarily changes the way you interact with society, particularly prospective romantic or sexual partners.

I remember reading a survivor's tale in which she mentioned that once she disclosed to her boyfriend what had happened in her past, he broke up with her. He couldn't handle it. The writer was understandably angry at this - after all, he wasn't the one who'd had a thing happen to him - but to be honest, I can understand the boyfriend's position. For someone who doesn't have confidence in his ability to be sufficiently supportive, something like that can be a deal-breaker, regardless of who's at fault.

And whether you're particularly traumatized by it or not, sometimes just knowing the status is there can sour a relationship. I know thoughts of a loved one surviving gruesome sexual assault certainly kill my boner. It's something one has to compartmentalize, and some people are better at that than others.

(Wednesday evening, INT: MH's bedroom.)

TH: Y'know, I gotta be honest. Seeing your friend tonight, contrasting with my own situation... I wasn't lying when I said her problem was bigger than mine. I'm so lucky to have you and Carol... and even Simon.. in my life. I love you.
MH: I love you too. I really am sorry and it'll never happen again.
TH (leaning in): Well, Simon's not here, so yeah, I think I'm safe tonight, at least...
[TH and MH kissing]
MH (breaking away, clinging to TH again): Fuck, no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
TH: Okay, you're not the one who a thing happened to. You're not allowed to be more traumatized than me.