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There is a persistent narrative, in our culture, of the irredeemable pervert, the rapist or pedophile who cannot be rehabilitated or forgiven and who deserves whatever horrible over-the-top revenge fantasy we happen to have. I remember I once saw a bumper sticker - displayed proudly and openly on a pickup truck - that said "Kill your Local Pedophile". That's a public endorsement of straight-up murder, but I think there are plenty of people who'd agree with the sentiment, at least on some level.

I do not think that this is a useful narrative.

Certainly, for people who already struggle with some form of guilt or self-hatred - whether justified or not - the mere idea that such a class of human is agreed to exist is enough to prove damaging. I'm certainly not saying that all people should be forgiven, but I do like to think that all people - all people who are still people - are capable of finding some measure of redemption.

(Wednesday evening, INT: MH's bedroom.)

MH: I'm sorry, I just... I keep thinking, picturing, reinterpreting what happened as rape, and you as a rape victim and I'm a rapist...
MH: And... and rapists are bad people who deserve to die.
TH: Hey, don't talk like that!
TH: Look, y'know what, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I used the R-word. I shouldn't have. What happened was... it was a mistake.
TH: But good people can make mistakes, and when they realize what they did, they apologize, they promise not to do it again, and... and I forgive you. So we can move on. Okay?
MH: Okay.
[TH and MH kissing again]
MH: Fuck fuck fuck I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm bad I'm sorry.
TH: Well, this is not ideal.