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Jesus Christ, remember when this strip had jokes in it?

I seem to recall, in ages past, Leftover Soup had puns and double entendres and pop culture references and board games and... and something - anything - other than an ever-deepening expedition into the rancid depths of Mason's twisted psyche.


uh... I mean Max. Max's twisted psyche.

Anyway, what we're seeing here is a natural consequence of Max's view of pleasure (particularly sexual pleasure) as the be-all-end-all a priori maximal good. It elevates libido to a virtue, and virtue, necessarily, is a function of volition.

Max has always been a portrait of someone who decides that she will be the person she wants to be. She designed a mold for herself and forces herself into that mold - and all spillovers are a fault to be corrected. And yes, a great deal of that is a reaction to her own mental issues, an iron-clad determination not to be depressed and therefore never to feel bad.

It raises the question, I think, of what the difference is - or if there is a difference - between the self and the meta-self; between the person you choose to be, day to day, and the person doing the choosing. Is Max actually consenting to sex with Trent, here? Is Max even capable of consent, in this moment?

Anyway, don't worry. I'm planning on wrapping this storyline up in a neat little bow soon enough. Then we can move on to something nice and cathartic.

(Wednesday evening, INT: MH's bedroom.)

MH: You know what, you're right. I've just gotta get over it. I've just gotta force myself, I'll feel okay once we're actually doing it.
TH: That's... no. No, Max, we don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with. We can just cuddle tonight, it's okay.
MH: No, it's NOT okay. Maxine Hellenberger doesn't DO just cuddling. I'm the happy-go-lucky nympho and if someone wants to bang me I am ALWAYS down to get down and I LOVE you and I am going to EXPRESS THAT LOVE and I'm going to let you do WHATEVER YOU WANT TO MY BODY.
TH: Max... are you okay, chemically? You kinda sound like you do when your pills are out of whack.
MH: I am not depressed. I'm happy and I'm horny and I want your cock. That is the person I choose to be right now.
TH: Really. Because you kinda sound like you might be depressed.
MH: I'm not depressed and I'm not going to BE depressed, because WE ARE GOING TO MAKE SWEET TENDER MONKEY LOVE, DAMNIT.