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Yep, I've had this happen. Billion dollar company, thousands of employees, and I had a customer try to tell me he was buddies with my manager. Naturally, when I said "ooh, which one?" he said the name of the CEO - which is public knowledge. And naturally, when I suggested that he should call up his good buddy to fix his issue directly, he said he didn't want to bother him and if he called him his buddy would get really mad and fire me.

I really don't mind when people lie to me. That's standard. But... be good at it, y'know? Be realistic.

The worst lie I ever got - the one that stuck with me and irritated me the most - I once had a woman make up a Bible verse at me. That's right: I had someone straight-up fabricate Scripture in order to tell me that I was bad and what I was doing was evil. I didn't call her on it, didn't ask her for chapter and verse, but I wanted to.

(Thursday morning, INT: Overdrive Computers)

TP: Excuse me? Are you denying me a manager?
EB: I'm... not the one who is doing that, no.
TP: Who is?
EB: Um... order of operations?
TP: I don't give a shit about your order of operations. I am a paying customer, I have a right to speak to a manager.
EB: Well...
TP: What if I told you that me and him are buddies, huh? Maybe we went to the same school, I play golf with him on the weekends.
TP: What would you say to that, huh?
EB: Well, given the fact that the one thing my manager hates more than golf is being referred to by masculine pronouns, if you were to say that, I'd call you a liar to your face.
EB: So... don't say that.
TP: I'm not talking about your local supervisor. I'm talking about your district manager, your boss' boss. What do you say to that, huh?
EB: Just checking - you are aware that this is not, in fact, a Best Buy, right?