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Y'know, if you know your competitor price matches, I imagine it'd be easy enough to - as an offensive maneuver - print up ludicrously cheap deals on things you know you only have one of in stock. I tend to be cynical about any sort of promotion or deal I encounter - if I see something is marked down to half price or less, I know that either a) it's probably already almost sold out, b) they're trying to get rid of unwanted crap, or c) there's fine print.

I admit, I was tempted to have Ellen smash the router in front of Ted to drive the point home, but it seemed like overkill.

(Thursday morning, INT: Overdrive Computers)

TP: Look, I'll spell it out for you nice and slow so you can understand me. I. Want. What this coupon. Says. I get.
LH: And you can get it! At. Best. Buy.
LH: Wait, whoa, what's all this now?
TP: The employees at Best Buy said they were sold out, but that Best Buy coupons would be accepted at any electronics retailer in the city.
LH: Did they now.
TP: Yes, and I'll report you to THEM if I have to.
LH: Terrifying.
LH: Say, Ellen, would you like an eight port router?
EB: I would love an eight port router.
LH: Sixty-eight eighty-seven.
EB: Take it out of my next paycheck.
LH: Done and done.
LH: Well, I'm terribly sorry, Mister Peterson, but we are now also completely sold out of this model of router, and as your coupon clearly states, the discount is only valid while supplies last. I encourage you, by all means, to try your luck elsewhere.
LH: And I know you're not big on reading, so I'll let you know that the sign on the exit says "Push".