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Yeah, after an encounter like that, you need a little decompression time. It's important. I consider mental self-care to be one of my primary priorities at my dayjob, which is probably why I'm still there while the average call center employee leaves after the first year.

I think it's also important to note that while we've seen that Lily doesn't particularly respect "beta" males, that certainly doesn't mean that she considers "alpha male" to be a compliment.

I always find it odd that those types who do believe that evolutionary psychology accounts for alpha and beta categories of human beings... that those types always tend to hold up "alpha" status as being inherently desirable and attainable. Surely, if these roles are rooted in our genetic lineage, then alphas are born alphas and betas are born betas? Alternately, if both alphas and betas pass their genes on via successful reproductive strategies, or if both roles are needed for a balanced society, surely being a beta is as valid and meaningful a life strategy as being an alpha?

I mean, if I had to categorize myself as "alpha" or "beta", I'd definitely have to put myself in the "beta" pile, and my life is rad as hell.

(Thursday morning, INT: Overdrive Computers)

LH: Agh, fuck. I cannot deal with this shit. Put up the "Back Later" sign on the door, will ya?
EB: Already done.
LH: Look at my hand, it's still shaking. Fucking alpha males.
EB: Oh, don't make it a gender thing. You know we've had female customers that were that bad.
LH: Female customers wouldn't call me a bitch or a whore.
EB: They totally would.
LH: Okay, fine, but they wouldn't loom over me like that.
EB: If you have problems with people who are taller than you...
LH: Yeah, yeah. Shut up.
EB: hey, I don't actually need an eight port router.
LH: I'll let you return it for store credit.
EB: You're too kind.
LH: That's what people keep telling me, yes.