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There has been some debate, between players of 3.5, over whether cooking should be a Craft or a Profession check. This is actually rather relevant, even to characters who aren't trained in it, as one is an Intelligence check, and one is a Wisdom check.

My stance has always been that your ability to create edible, tasty, nutritious food is a Craft check, while your ability to work properly in a restaurant environment and produce food that looks like it was made professionally is a Profession check.


(Saturday. EXT: sidewalk)

JH: So who-?
EB: Lily Hammerschmidt, my employer and GM.
JH: You say GM, and not DM?
EB: Well, we sometimes play games other than D&D, Game Master is the generic term.
EB: Lily's a great boss and a great Game Master... for women. But around guys, well... you know the stereotypical butch "feminazi" figure that particularly misogynist conservative pundits pretend to be afraid of?
JH: Yeah?
EB: She's that.
JH: So what you're saying is, I have a little under three hours to whip up gaming snacks so succulent, so exquisite, so PLUS FIVE ANGELIC, that they will melt the very iciest of hearts?
EB: No. No, I'm not saying that at all.
JH (musing): What would that be, a Craft(culinary) check taking the place of a Diplomacy check to change her attitude from Hostile? Or would she get a will save versus something like Fascinate? Either way, I'm going to have to pick up some fresh rosemary.
EB: Why do I get the feeling you aren't listening to me?