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Cheryl is making one heck of a leap here, yes, and her assumption certainly runs counter to everything that she and we know about Jamie's character... but I think it's not unjustified. Jamie's pursuit of his mugger is like a dog chasing cars - he's not going to know what to do with him when he catches him, and he has very few viable options.

I've contrasted Cheryl and Carol's characters throughout the comic, and there are many ways you could characterize that contrast. Jamie has referred to Cheryl as both lawful and evil, which implies that Carol is chaotic and good. Given the political propensities of their chosen professions, one could also make the case that Cheryl represents conservativism and Carol represents liberalness. Perhaps Cheryl is justice - or, at least, punishment - and Carol is mercy.

One thing is certain, though - Cheryl is practical and serious, or, at any rate, clearly thinks of herself as such. She is, in one way, process-oriented, and, in another, goal-oriented... she sets processes based on her goals and then treats those processes as iron-clad. Contrast that with Carol, whose goal is the process - to be a nurturer of children without following them to adulthood and to love 'eternally' in relationships that can end. Cheryl wants to get somewhere, Carol wants to travel hopefully.

In any event, Cheryl at least makes a good point - Jamie is operating outside of the law, and he has not yet fully considered what that means. Determining your goals by your process or your processes by your goal are both better practices than having neither.

(Thursday afternoon, INT: Capsaicin Lounge kitchen)

ChA: C'mon, I think we need to take out the garbage.
JH: It's only half-
ChA: We need to take out the garbage, out back where there aren't any other people. You moron.
JH: Right. Okay.
(EXT: behind Capsaicin Lounge)

ChA: I've been thinking about your... thing. And I realized what you're planning... whether you know you're planning it or not. You know your mugger-murderer isn't going to be arrested, right? You have to know that.
ChA: You're intentionally not involving legitimate law enforcement, and any evidence you personally collect would be inadmissable. You're basically guaranteeing that your suspect can never be convicted in a court of law.
ChA: And right now... he doesn't know that you know he's alive. If you do nothing, he'll never see you again. The situation is offensively unjust, but stable. It's safe.
ChA: You thrust yourself into his life again, and you know he'll take action against you, or against your friends or family. You are actively courting violence from a man who was willing to decapitate a teenager to avoid arrest.
ChA: Anything you do to hurt him, you're putting yourself and your loved ones in mortal danger, unless you're planning a... permanent solution.
ChA: And I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it, I'm not saying it wouldn't be morally justified, I'm not saying it wouldn't make the world objectively a better place... but I can't help you with that.
ChA: And if I check the news one day and a big black PCP dealer with a nose ring was found dead somewhere, I will turn you in myself.