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I'm curious. What would you do in Jamie's situation? What plan would you have, if you had one? Does Jamie actually have a responsibility to investigate or avenge Richard Knight's death - and, if not, does he have a responsibility to leave it alone? Does he have enough information, at this time, to even make a decision?

(Thursday afternoon, EXT: behind Capsaicin Lounge)

JH: You think I'm planning on murdering Suspect X?
ChA: Stop calling him that. That's not what you call people.
JH: You honestly think that my plan - my only plan - is homicide.
ChA: I think that you don't have a plan, and when it comes time for you to have a plan, homicide will be your only option.
JH: I don't think it's my only option.
ChA: Okay, so tell me. What was your plan? When you found your suspect, what would your next move have been?
JH: That would depend on his situation.
ChA: Was killing him on the table?
JH: I... if he's a danger to others, I guess?
ChA: What else was on the table? Leaving him alone? Tricking him into confessing to a hidden spycam? Wearing a bedsheet and pretending to be Richard Knight's vengeful ghost?
JH: I... don't know.
ChA (going back into the restaurant): You had no end goal. You're doing hazardous things with no specific result in mind. You're as stupid as you are dangerous, and I'm not going to help you.