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And back to the B-plot we go.

Well, really, I guess it's up to the reader which plot is A and which plot is B... or, really, which threads qualify as plots at all. Presumably, some of you are clamoring for me to follow up with Ted Peterson's quest for a router, or to see if Eric hooked up with that chick from the frozen yogurt place, or what ever happened to that cashier at the liquor store.

(Thursday evening, INT: Overdrive Computers, back room)

GU: Alright, I closed us up for the night.
EB: Awesome, let me finish this install before we go.
MH: We gonna get to the movie on time?
EB: Yeah, I'll probably be another twenty minutes. Wanna get this done now 'cause I'm not going to be here tomorrow.
GU: What? Why not?
LH: Her dad's getting married on Saturday.
EB: I already missed all the rehearsals and shit, so tomorrow I gotta get my bridesmaid dress, get my hair and nails did, buy a present, all that.
GU: Oh. Uh... congratulations to you and your dad, I guess.
EB (rolling eyes): Yeah. Thanks.
MH: Gotta admit, never been a big fan of the institution, but I ain't gonna shit on a beautiful thing. Yay for them.
EB: Well, I'll be sure to pass all your well-wishes along, 'cause I sure don't have any of my own.