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Though Lily is unashamedly prejudiced against dudefolk, she doesn't have a problem with women who choose to use men for their money, status, or sperm. Though she personally has no interest in eliciting or utilizing men's sexual attraction, Lily has no problem with Catherine Hakim's infamous concept of "erotic capital" (recall Overdrive Computers' advertising strategy). To Lily's mind, if Lindsay marries Ellen's dad and then finds herself wrinkly, dumped and penniless years later, that's not a problem with the whole trophy wife concept - it's simply poor planning on Lindsay's part.

Max, as always, is Lily's counterpart. Lily sees sex (at least, sex with other people) as an asset to be used to attain goals, Max sees it as the goal. Lily sees Lindsay selling her body - a more classy, permanent form of prostitution - and Max sees two people who can give each other joy in different ways. Lily sees a market, Max sees a potluck.

This is, presumably, why Lily is an entrepreneur and Max is an employee.

(Thursday evening, INT: Overdrive Computers, back room)

MH: You got beef with your step-mom to be?
EB: Lindsay is closer to my age than she is to his, and it's just... it's always been transparently obvious to me that she's only attracted to him because he's well-off. I can't not think of her as using my Dad for his money.
LH: And, presumably, he's using her for sex. A transactional relationship doesn't preclude the existence of genuine affection.
EB: Yeah, but... does that mean that if he loses his money, she'll just move on to someone else richer?
LH: And if she gets ugly, he'll move on to someone younger and hotter. It's not like there's a power inequality there, unless they signed a particularly one-sided pre-nup.
MH: Y'know what I think? I think you only think of your dad as having no attractive qualities other than his money because you're biased. You grew up thinking of him as your dad, so you literally can't see his actual attractiveness.
MH: It is not inconceivable that someone who's not biologically related to your father might see him as a slightly tubby silver fox, handsome and debonair and charming and...
EB: I swear to God, Max, if you start talking about wanting to bang my Dad, I will reach down your throat, out your asshole, grab your toes, and pull your feet up through your mouth.