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I do believe this qualifies as a Leftover Soup deep cut. I'm a storyteller.

I suppose I should mention that, yes, of course, regardless of her real or fake cupsize or what her profile picture is wearing, Gina is not "asking for it". That's a common thing that we feministy types are supposed to say, right? A woman in revealing clothing is not asking for it. And it's true, of course. She's not.

Although... women generally don't actually ask for it at all, do they? I have had the pleasure of knowing many women across the libido spectrum - including one honest-to-God sex worker - and I sincerely cannot recall a single instance in which one of them has said to another person, in actual English words, "please show me your penis".

Your mileage may vary, of course, I'm sure someone out there has to be sending solicited dick pics. I just haven't seen any.

(Thursday evening, INT: Overdrive Computers, back room)

MH: Well, speaking of your undying quest to unite with a man... now that Jamie's shot you down, what's your next move?
GU: My next move?
MH: You gotta bounce back, roll with the punches, get back on that horse. Or under it, as the case may be.
EB: Max has got a point. If you want to meet a man, you aren't going to do it at game, or at your women's bible study. Have you considered joining a dating site?
GU: I'm not getting back on ChristianMingle. I was signed up less than forty-eight hours and a stranger sent me a picture of his penis.
MH: Was it a nice penis? How big was it? Cut or uncut?
GU: I'm sure it was serviceable. The niceness of the penis is not the point.
GU: What in the world would make someone think that's acceptable? What would make a man think that that's what I'm looking for on a Christian dating site?
LH: Out of curiosity, did you use the same profile pic for ChristianMingle that you do for Facebook? The one I Photoshopped?
GU: I don't see what that has to do with anything.