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Lily and Max are both extremes, so, by all means, don't listen to either of them.

Lily's quite correct, of course, when she says that women are abused by men every day, but, y'know, people also die in car accidents every day, and we still drive cars. A German Shepherd can rip your throat out, too, and we still own dogs. We just wear our seat belts and train our dogs and keep various emergency personnel a phone call away.

Lily is also correct to shut down Max's attempt to argue from authority in panel 3, there. It's tough to dispute her greater experience, but it's easy to see that what she has is not the same thing that Gina wants. It's like Donald Trump giving you financial advice - yes, he has money, but that doesn't make his example one that you'd want to follow.

(Thursday evening, INT: Overdrive Computers, back room)

LH: Well, as usual, Max, your indiscriminate appetite has led you to say something that's as objectively disgusting as it is irresponsibly dangerous.
MH: Jeez, Lily, don't hold back, tell us how you really feel.
LH: Oh, don't worry, I intend to.
LH: What you fail to address is the fact that bad dogs can and do injure or even kill people. Not everyone who sends an unsolicited cockshot is harmless and looking to play. We have to be serious about the fact that every day, women are beaten, abused, and murdered by sexually aggressive men.
LH: Quite frankly, the only difference between a good dog and a bad dog is that a good dog is one that hasn't bitten you yet. And your advice is just to submit to more sex with them, in the hopes that they'll stay happy?
MH: Okay, remind me, please, which one of us works with misbehaving canines professionally?
MH: Or hey, who here is currently maintaining a long-term romantic relationship with even one other human being?
MH: Anyone? Anyone else? Just me?
LH: I could probably maintain a relationship with a man too, if I just lay on my back and let him do whatever he wanted to me.
MH: Hey! My relationships are about a lot more than me just lying on my back, thank you very much.
LH: You're right, I shouldn't assume you're as one-dimensional as-
MH: I mean, there's doggie style, there's cowgirl, reverse cowgirl...
LH: Aaaand never mind.