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I didn't want either Max or Lily's respective extremisms to stem from trauma or "daddy issues", and I don't regret that choice. Unfortunately, though, that decision leads to Lily ascribing R-word-caliber significance to even the most minor of incidents - without a specific, personal, horrific rape anecdote to pin Lily's misandry to, her antipathy is overpowered, like an immune system that responds to peanuts by closing up the body's throat.

Yes, presumably, there are some PTSD-addled phallophobes for whom an unanticipated dingus can trigger total mental breakdown, but such people could presumably be just at risk from Renaissance art or an unfiltered Google image search. There would be no meaningful difference between emailing them your genitals and emailing them anyone's genitals (possibly the result of an unfiltered Google image search, which, quite frankly, is my recommended course of action, should someone ever actually request a picture of your penis.)

(Thursday evening, INT: Overdrive Computers, back room)

MH (still listing positions): ...lotus position, spoons position, piledriver...
EB: So, Lily, you seem to be under the impression that the sending of unsolicited dick pics correlates to assault. Don't suppose you have numbers to back that up?
LH: I don't need numbers. It's self-evident that the act stems from self-absorbtion, phallocentric sexual domination, and a fundamental disrespect for the recipient.
LH: And, really, it's a form of indecent exposure, it's flashing someone over the Internet. It doesn't have to correlate to assault, it is assault.
GU: I don't know about that. As much as I disliked the experience, I can still draw a pretty firm dividing line between being punched in the face and being emailed a jpeg.
LH: It was something you didn't want to happen to you, and he made it happen against your will. Is that not a form of violence?
MH: Well, I'm assuming that she didn't tell him ahead of time "no penis pictures please". Even under your ridiculously broad definition of assault as "something I didn't want to happen to me", it's only an intentional assault if you assume that everyone, everywhere, has a standing policy of not wanting to see a penis.
MH: Which, y'know... speak for yourself.
EB: So, vis--vis dick pics, you function on a blacklist, rather than a whitelist system?
MH: As it so happens, I have dicks of all ethnicities on my list. I'm not a dick racist.