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Some implied worldbuilding that I don't think I ever mentioned about Florenovia: humanity had already struggled through - and survived - two independent Skynet scenarios. That's why programming strong A.I. is a capital crime - it's seen as a betrayal of the species, attempted sui/genocide.

Of course, the real reason programming self-aware A.I. is illegal in Florenovia is that Lily's particular fetish doesn't allow for it. Obviously.

(Thursday evening, INT: Overdrive Computers, back room)

MH (still hugging LH): So how you doin', by the way?
LH: Right now? Compressed.
MH: Seriously, Lily, I've been worried about you since, y'know, the Florenovia thing.
LH: I'm... I'm good.
MH: Really?
LH: Really. I miscalculated my audience with that one. Florenovia, as a setting, was always designed for longform prose fiction. It doesn't work well for RP, it doesn't work well with this particular audience. I understand that now and I'm okay with it.
GU: It's still a very interesting sci-fi setting. Very unique. But, I admit, not my cup of tea.
EB: Oh God, you read some of her stories?
GU: I... read the first halves of some of them, yeah.
MH: A broken world, tragically bereft of mingling Christians and their dick pics. Except, presumably, in the historical ChristianMingle dick pic archives.
LH: Any such archive would have been lost in either the first or second Singularity Wars, actually.
MH: Even more tragical bereftitude! I weep for your hypothetical future people.
LH: Well, don't weep on me. Do your weeping elsewhere.