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Two little bitty fleshy fingers, just over top of the penis. They're ever so slightly prehensile. Particularly talented men can pick up Tic Tacs with'em.

(Thursday evening, INT: Overdrive Computers, back room)

MH (still clinging): So wait, do Florenovia people even know what a penis looks like? Did any porn survive? Renaissance art? Medical diagrams?
LH: Almost nothing. That's why no one ever successfully reverse-engineered the Y chromosome.
EB: Oh God, that explains why, in Broken Spear, that Ares Reborn member was doodling a man and included the little flesh rabbit, I thought that was so weird and gross.
LH: Good, it was supposed to be.
GU: I'm more interested in the lack of mingling Christians, to be honest. We never addressed that. I'm assuming Florenovia is one of those default-atheism settings?
LH: Well, it's more of a default agnosticism. There are some groups that are, psychologically, like a religion...
EB: Which is to say, almost all of the strawman antagonists you created to negatively define your Utopia behave like weird, gross cults.
LH (MH's hug has transitioned to a weird climbing full-body grip): What can I say, if a methodology works...