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Independent creators differ in how they handle third party trademarks. Some will drop names of restaurant chains or popular bands like it ain't no thang, others will bend over backwards to avoid them.

In case you wondered, the version of Castaway I did that you can download and print (B&W / colour) does feature the aforementioned trademarks, but the logos are all deliberately dirty and scuffed up - I like to pretend I've got plausible deniability. All the same, I've never been shy about referencing brand names in the strip proper - I think the dialogue would be weird and stilted if my characters had to refer to an "iTablet" computer or a refreshing glass of "Kooky Kola". I personally think that Superman, like Brandon Routh or Henry Cavill, is famous enough to be a public figure, and therefore talking about him - assuming I'm not selling my own comics about his adventures - should be kosher.

(Friday morning, INT: WW and SW's apartment, living room)

WW: So I did want to talk about making a few changes.
JH: You have my attention.
WW: I did notice that some of the cards had items with logos on them. The "L" in "HELP" is made from a Coca-Cola sign, the "Alcohol" card is clearly Bacardi, one of the machete cards is a bat'leth...
JH: A what?
WW: The Klingon sword. Half of one, rather, tied to a stick.
JH: Oh, that. Yeah, I kinda wanted to show that the players are using whatever they can find, stuff salvaged from the shipwreck, et cetera.
WW: Yeah, I get that, but the Coca-Cola corporation might feel the need to "defend their trademark". I was thinking we'd palette swap, maybe make it "Castaway Cola" or something, just to save the possible hassle.
JH: Yeah, yeah, fair enough. Change the cola brand. You have my blessing.
WW: Also, one of the floatation devices is a patched-up blowup doll.
JH: She doesn't have any logos on her.
WW: She doesn't have anything on her, that's the problem.