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That first panel, of course, is a direct copy of the card in question from the game (B&W / colour), which is done in the Tailsteak font, which I made directly from my own handwriting, so... I guess Wallace either made a font from Jamie's handwriting, or it's from his own handwriting, or the Tailsteak font is publicly available in the Leftover-Soupniverse? I don't really know.

(Friday morning, INT: WW and SW's apartment, living room)

JH: It's a balloon. It's a picture of a balloon that happens to be roughly shaped like a naked woman. I thought it was funny.
WW: I agree that it's funny, but I've done my research. Board games are almost always either G or novelty-X-rated, not much in between.
JH: I don't think this one thing makes the game... R rated or whatever. It's not a picture of a real naked woman.
WW: It's a picture of a picture of a naked woman, and more importantly, it's a picture of a sex toy. Parents won't want to play this game with their six year olds if that's in there. We lose out on a potential market.
WW: Without that one card, the game is one hundred percent family-friendly.
JH: Max and her unorthodox methods of protein acquisition notwithstanding.
WW: Well, yeah, Max could find a way to make Chinese Checkers non-family-friendly.
WW: ...which, come to think of it, I believe she's done.
JH: Remind me to take her through the rest of my board games one of these days.