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What do you think? Would Kickstarter be the correct way to go for Jamie and Wallace's game?

I mean, if they need a certain amount of orders to do a bulk printing, it makes sense. If they're doing a print-on-demand sort of thing, though (especially if they're offering custom player pieces), is there any meaningful advantage? Is simply using Kickstarter an effective means of advertising the existence of a board game, and does that benefit persist after the campaign is over? If this question were raised ten years ago, or ten years from now, would your answer be the same?

(Friday morning, INT: WW and SW's apartment, living room)

JH: It's just... Kickstarting introduces a failure condition that I don't think we need.
WW: How do you mean?
JH: Well, let's say that despite our best buzzing efforts, we only get one order. Right now, we have no reason not to fill that order. We might not be making a profit or a decent return for our time, but one sale is better than none.
JH: With Kickstarter, if we only get one backer, our campaign fails. Would we not then have an obligation not to sell the game at all?
WW: I... don't see why. Failing Kickstarter doesn't mean we can't sell the game afterwards.
JH: How, exactly? Contact our backer and say "hey, I know we said we'd only sell the game if we hit this goal, and we didn't hit that goal, but you wanna buy it from us under the table anyway?"
WW: There's no "under the table" here. I don't know why you're introducing tables into the equation.
JH: I'm not the one introducing tables! You're the one who wants to get a table involved! I'm fine on a street corner!