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When I first launched my Patreon, the "best practices" page mentioned that campaigns with videos tended to do better. So I begged a friend who had a phone with a decent camera to record me, took dozens of takes of me stumbling my way through "please give me money", then gave that footage to another friend and begged him to edit it down into something usable.

I shall assume you have all been to my Patreon page to see the finished product. I'm honestly not sure if it's helped or not.

(Friday morning, INT: WW and SW's apartment, living room)

WW: Look, Jamie, this is your board game. Castaway is your baby. You don't want to Kickstart, we don't Kickstart. But... this is the next step. This is what is supposed to happen next.
JH: ...Do we have to do a video?
WW: We don't have to do a video, no, but campaigns with videos tend to do better.
JH: Do I have to be in the video?
WW: No, you don't have to be in the video.
WW: Is that what you were worried about?
JH: Well, no, I was worried about the things that I said. But I also kinda don't want to be in a video online.
WW: Well, you don't have to be.
JH: I also don't want to have my picture taken for publicity stuff.
WW: Not a problem.
JH: Actually, can we leave my name off of this project altogether? Just sell it as Castaway Boardgame Incorporated LLC, with staff and shareholders and board of directors all strictly anonymous?
WW: ...I'll see what I can do.