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Ellen has always functioned as this strip's Mindy or Cousin Larry - she's the straight man to Jamie and Max's more extreme personalities. I think a sitcom about a D&D minmaxer condemned to live and work with one of their optimized creations would be an interesting watch.

(Friday afternoon, INT: hairdresser)

NP: So what's living with Jamie been like?
EB: It's weird. He alternates between being brilliant and just... mind-bendingly stupid. Like, he... he just understands things the wrong way. It's like living with Mork, or Cousin Balki, or... or...
NP: I get the reference.
EB: I think I've finally got him figured out, though.
NP: Oh?
EB: Yeah, I know, only took me a month. Jamie... is an optimized character build.
NP: Optimized, you say?
EB: I should know, I've made enough of them. He's statted like a wizard; high Int, low Wis.
NP: So he doesn't see things?
EB: Oh, his eyesight's fine. If anything, he's got skill points in Spot, or Perception, or whatever you want to call it. He just sees the wrong things, he pays attention to the wrong things, he remembers the wrong details.
NP: So what does that make us, exactly? Unoptimized?
EB: I'd say the gaming gods sent Jamie to me as ironic punishment for minmaxing so much, but if those omelettes are what ironic punishment tastes like, I'd be happy to piss off every deity in the pantheon.