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A big part of my own personal maturation has been understanding what attractive qualities I have, which ones I don't, and accepting the fact that even if most people don't find me attractive, that doesn't make me unattractive. Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes the trick is just finding the right beholder.

Side note - in the original art of this strip, Ellen was pointing one finger at Nicole in the last panel, in a "hey you've got a good point" kind of gesture, but as I was colouring it, I realized that she'd be rubbing wet nail polish all over her palm. Ellen might not be good at girling, but she knows better than that.

(Friday afternoon, INT: nail salon)

EB: Jamie has... he'll walk around with... he's got that guy thing going on where he clearly has absolutely no idea what his actual attractive qualities are.
EB: Like, if I grabbed a camera and told him to pose sexy for me, I honestly think he'd start trying to flex at me.
NP: Oh. Oh yeah, no. No.
EB: I know, right?
EB: But... sometimes he'll just casually lean on something, or reach past me, and... I mean, he's so tall...
NP: Tall's overrated.
EB: You are an outlier. The majority of women are attracted to tall guys.
NP: Maybe that's why Max is attracted to so many people. Everyone in the world is taller than her.
EB: She did hook up with a guy who had dwarfism once.
EB: Although, come to think of it, I believe when she first saw him he was on a stepladder, so maybe you're onto something.