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This is pretty much how it works for me, particularly with my fellow artists. It should be no surprise that Ellen's wired this way, given her earlier seminar on sexual attractiveness.

At bottom, even if one has no intention (or even capability) of reproducing, that's what sexual attraction is - your genitals saying "Hey, that thing's pretty cool, it'd be awesome if there was more of it in the world"... which, now that I think of it, makes me wish it were a little more universal. I'd like to have the ability to duplicate physical objects by rubbing them on my groin.

(Friday afternoon, INT: nail salon)

EB: Have you ever seen Jamie crack an egg?
NP: Can't say I've had the pleasure.
EB: It's like watching some experimental robot arm from MIT specifically calibrated for egg cracking.
EB: Not even looking, one tap, and the egg shell is... it's in two perfect halves, no shell bits anywhere. I've seen him do it four at a time, two in each hand.
NP: And this is sexually attractive to you.
EB: It's competence. Pure, unadulterated... competence. I see him do that, and my uterus climbs up my brainstem and yells "whatever just did that, put its DNA inside of me."
NP: I don't think that's how uteri normally work.
EB: Yeah, I got a case of wandering screaming uterus. It's pretty inconvenient.
NP: I can imagine it would be, yes.