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As I've said before, one of the most important things for me when it comes to writing female characters is to make them different people. They have different views on femininity, on sexuality, on love, and on appearance. If all the females are feminist in the same way, then I'm not writing a very feminist comic - and I'm not writing a very good story.

Equally important is making sure that no one character is Always Right. Well-rounded characters can, at times, be self-centered or overly aggressive or hypocritical. They can be bullies to each other. They can be inconsistent.

If you had asked Ellen, in the parking lot a moment ago, if her bridesmaid dress was somehow a sexualized thing, an unspoken invitation to flirtation from menfolk, you likely would have received a well-thrown high heel to the side of the head. If you had asked her, in the parking lot, whether not it was important that she was pretty and whether or not men's opinions on her prettiness were important, you likely would have gotten the other shoe to the other side of your head.

Ellen's kind of like a Zen master that way.

(Friday afternoon, INT: EB and JH's apartment, living room.)

EB: Seriously, though, you can answer the question.
JH: Evidently not.
EB: Jamie, you can comment on my appearance without it necessarily being a statement of sexual or romantic attraction.
JH: Appearance and sexuality, particularly female sexuality, are inextricably linked in Western culture. Wasn't my idea.
JH: And I did comment on your appearance. I said you look co-ordinated. You are competently dressed and made up, you are esthetically pleasing.
EB: You're bullshit. You are a bullshit human being.
JH: Perhaps.
EB: You realize that by returning null, you're effectively saying "yes", since you would have no reason not to say "no".
JH: Maybe I felt you'd be insulted if-
EB: Okay, you know what? Fuck it. Rule suspended. It's my rule, I'm suspending it for thirty seconds. And you don't have to worry about insulting me either. Anything. Whatever.
JH: Thirty seconds?
EB: Thirty seconds, no more, no less. Say whatever, do whatever.
JH: Starting now?
EB: Yes, starting fucking now, right now. Do. I. Look. Pretty. To. You.
JH: Okay.
JH: No.