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Alright, I'll admit it: I'm a total xenophile. I don't mean that how people typically mean it - i.e., interested in otherwise normal girls interacting with tentacles, or "monstergirls", who are essentially humans in costumes.

No... to me, the real fascination is in the idea of encountering an entirely non-human individual, recognizing their intelligence and personhood, developing a relationship with them, then having to navigate an alien biology and psychology in order to give that person pleasure. Thri-kreen, to me, are intensely attractive.

I have this mental image of just looking down at a jumble of parts, something like H.R. Giger meets M.C. Escher, and saying "Okay. I'm here, I love you, and I want to make you happy... now, show me what you want me to suck on."

On an unrelated note, has anyone in the history of D&D ever managed to play a bard character that wasn't a colossal slut? I really don't think it can be done.


(Game Vision: Cishalla (a half-fey thri-kreen bard) is speaking with a human male NPC)

MH (speaking as Cishalla): Arlen, I have travelled in these lands as a stranger for many years. I have known many hardships and many triumphs, and I have heard the songs of many lands - but always with the ears of a stranger.
MH (speaking as Cishalla): If I am to sing the songs of the ages, if I am to stir the hearts of my listeners, I must know my subject, as a plant knows the sun and the earth.
MH (speaking as Cishalla): And, indeed, much I know of battle and glory, of mystery, and of loss. And yet the greatest of all songs remain... clouded to me.
MH (speaking as Cishalla): Arlen, we have travelled together for only a short time, and yet I trust you... I feel I have known you in ways I have never known another. Please, will you teach me of this human emotion you call... love?
(INT: back to the apartment)

LH: You realize that, by my count, this is the fifth human, and the twelfth humanOID who will have taught your character "this human emotion you call love".
MH: Hey, why mess with a line that works?