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Hm, lots of callbacks in this strip. The post-apocalypse division of labour conversation was this strip, the horse piss thing was this one over here.

In much the same way that the phrase "the end of the world as we know it" can refer to a paradigm shift, rather than a cessation of being (ask a tarot reader about the "Death" card some time), the word "apocalypse" doesn't necessarily mean what most people think it does. "Apocalypse" is a synonym of the word "revelation", it doesn't mean the end of the world itself, but rather a story - communication - about how the world is going to end.

(Of course, you already knew that if you read my book Bang, which you can buy for ten bucks, or download for no additional cost if you pledge any amount to my Patreon.)

But, of course, any story can change things - any communication (which, you'll recall, is the definition of a relationship) can bring about the end of the world as you know it. The world is a phoenix, perpetually ending and being reborn in fire. Revelation and R.E.M. will always be relevant.

Leftover Soup won't last forever either.

(Saturday afternoon, EXT: EB's car, heavy rain)

EB: I believe we already worked out our post-apocalyptic roles once, didn't we? You handle the food, I handle rebuilding technology?
JH: The future civilization our descendants create will have wildly different gender stereotypes. Which I, for one, am okay with.
EB: Jumping straight ahead to the two of us reproducing, huh?
JH: I think that would be the assumption. I mean, not immediately, of course.
EB: Well, it wouldn't be immediately anyway. You'd have to wait a month for the horse piss hormones to cycle out of me.
JH: Oh? I didn't know you were on birth control.
EB: I don't really use it for controlling birth purposes, I just prefer menstruating five days out of twenty-eight, as opposed to three-to-ten out of twenty-to-fifty. Also, I get weird body acne.
EB: But yeah, you could cum inside me as much as you want right now.
JH: I could?
EB: Yes. Yes, you could.
JH: Good to know.