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Fun fact: when I first started Leftover Soup, one of the things I thought I'd do was optional erotic side-stories, sort of like the ones David Willis does through Slipshine. These could be continuations of canon events, or hypothetical "what-if" branches, or (I like this idea) fantasies that the characters are having. I think it'd be interesting if someone did a Rashomon-style he-said-she-said sort of sexy comic in which an impartially objective and realistic PG-rated story is contrasted with detours into each character's perspective and their X-rated thoughts.

I've always liked the idea of the same story being told multiple ways. When I first ended 1/0, I had an idea for what I'd do next - something I codenamed "Project Armadillo". It would be the story of King Arthur, as told by 8 different characters in 8 radically different visual and writing styles. I abandoned the idea when I did more research into Arthurian mythos, and everything I found kept diverging farther and farther from the overarching plot I had already worked out in my head. Research is inconvenient like that.

And although I've offered plenty of NSFW donation incentives in years past, in the end, there just hasn't been that much demand for my porn. On one hand, that's kind of weird - everyone knows that if you want to make money on the Internet, you have to sell sex - but on the other hand, I understand it. My visual style is simplistic and abstracted, the draw for my work is the story and the concepts and the jokes and the characters, not so much the T or the A. Even the commissions I get tend to be mostly SFW stuff, people getting drawings of their RP characters or little inside jokes.

Sex is still a fairly major element in Leftover Soup, a frequent plot point and topic of discussion. I think it's an important aspect of human nature, and thus, worth writing about. Don't worry, though; my characters may go off on tangents - perhaps, as in this strip, go off on tangents together - but I shan't be actually drawing the events they're describing to each other.

Well, not unless somebody pays me, anyway.

(Saturday afternoon, EXT: EB's car, heavy rain)

EB: I mean, no one can see us here. It'd be fairly easy. I could shimmy out of my underwear, hop over the gear shift, straddle you...
JH: Well, I would hope we'd, y'know, kiss first.
EB: Well, yes, plenty of making out. Frenching. Kissing all up and down each others' bare necks. All that.
JH: Does that dress... is there a zipper in the back?
EB: Yeah, and there's a weird bra shelf thing, but it's easy enough to pull down. You'd have pretty easy boob access.
JH: Boob access is nice. Boob access is a good thing. Nipples and such.
EB: And then I just sorta... slide on down into place. And we would be having sexual intercourse. Right here in the car, right now.
JH: And I'd cum inside you. As much as I want, I believe you said.
EB: I did say exactly that, yeah. That is indeed a thing that we could do.
JH: Yes it is.