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To save you a trip to Wikipedia, Oshun is from the Yoruba religion of Western Africa, Rati is a Hindu goddess, Aphrodite is Greek, and Lada is Slavic... sort of. Also, England is full of wizards, Westchester is full of mutants, Chevy Impalas are full of mythological beasties, and magical phonebooths are the machina from which deuses ex to make everything make sense, regardless of whether or not that sense-making itself makes any sense.

(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's living room, dark)

MH: Oshun Lada is a little girl with special powers, so she gets sent to a secret boarding school in England.
MH: The powers get more powerful when she hits puberty, so she gets transferred to a private school in Westchester, New York.
MH: ...but she drops out and joins up with two sexy brothers and an angel to kill monsters in a Chevy Impala.
MH: Then there's a four hundred year timewarp and she boldy goes for a while...
MH: But the government duplicates her powers into a Force and turns into an evil Empire, so she has to join the Rebellion to fight them...
MH: And she eventually hooks up with some nerd in a magic phonebooth who takes her back in time to cause the timewarp, give herself her own powers, and correct any perceived inconsistencies in her own history.
EB: Her name is Ocean?
MH: Oshun Rati Aphrodite Lada. She's named after four different goddesses of love! Who she may or may not secretly be.
EB: And her initials spell "oral".
MH: Do they? I hadn't noticed.
JH: Why are the monsters in a Chevy Impala?