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Jamie's not wrong. Works of fiction that involve aliens or ghosts or other paranormal elements will usually focus on people who deal specifically with those elements, but rarely will get into other career choices and how they'd be affected.

Let's see, other occupations that would be more interesting if we assume a bona fide paranormal element... well, coroners and morticians, obviously. Exterminators. Social workers. Psychiatrists. Archaeologists already get plenty of love. A doctor who stitches up vampires and golems and lycanthropes would be interesting.

Y'know what I'd like to see? The Catholic church checks out reports of miracles. They're important for determining who's a saint and who's not. The Vatican actually has teams of priests who will specifically go around and investigate claims - healings, weeping statues, Mary on toast, et cetera. I wouldn't mind a TV show that followed some of those priests around, perhaps two guys, one more of a skeptic than the other, sort of a Mulder and Scully dynamic. Perhaps have some episodes be mere coincidences or attempted scams, others can be nebulous enough to leave to faith. Catholic X-Files. I'd watch it.

(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's living room, dark)

EB: ...but when you look back, the painting appears normal.
NP: Wait, wait, hang on - which version of Scooby-Doo are we?
EB: What do you mean?
NP: Well, classic Doo, the monsters are always just humans in masks with some sort of agenda.
EB: Yes. We in the church of Athe consider it a sacred parable.
NP: Right, but in some of the newer stuff, the ghosts are real. Heck, I think there's some sort of ancient aliens explanation for why Scooby-Doo can talk. Which version of the show are we in?
EB: You don't know.
LH: What do you mean, we don't know?
EB: There are mysteries that you have solved, there are some that you haven't. As in the real world, you can neither conclusively prove nor disprove the existence of the supernatural.
MH: Wait, bullshit. We know this is taking place in my fanfic universe, which means that wizards and monsters in Chevy Impalas are canon. For the purposes of this game, we know for a fact that the supernatural exists.
EB: Fair enough, but the existence of the supernatural doesn't necessarily mean that you've personally experienced it, nor does it mean that your current antagonist isn't a human in a mask. If anything, the known existence of actual hauntings would make that type of real estate scam more common.
JH: Wow, real estate agents and insurance claims adjusters in this universe must be some real badasses.