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"Effeminate" is a weird concept. For that matter, "butch" and "tomboy" are too. Gender expression is very much a cultural thing, there are many different variations of masculine and feminine.

Most subcultures and gender-subtypes necessarily include an implication of sexuality - orientation, intensity, and profligacy - that may or may not apply. Max is quite right to insist that Freddy's ascot has no bearing on his urges, experiences or habits. (We'll leave her characterization of asexuality as a "deficient sex drive" aside.)

(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's living room, dark)

NP: Actually, I always got an asexual sort of vibe from Freddy.
MH: We watched two very different cartoons.
NP: Well, he's got the ascot. That's kind of effeminate, isn't it?
GU: How can ascots be feminine? Women don't wear ascots.
NP: Not feminine, effeminate. There's a difference.
MH: And neither is necessarily indicative of deficient sex drive, thank you very much.
EB: Debates about canon aside, in this game, it is up to the player to interpret how they think their character would act. That means, much as I hate to admit it, that the only people who determine whether or not Freddy and Scooby-Doo want to make out are Max and Jamie.
LH: And the hooded phantasm who may or may not murder them while they attempt to do so.
EB: And the hooded murder ghost, yes, thank you, Lily.