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This one was fun to draw, that's all I'll say.


(Sunday. INT: JH and EB's apartment, computer desk)

EB (on the phone with MH): Well, it's finally happened. We have hit our first major snag as room mates.
MH (via electronic speech bubble): Oh, shit. Did he finally murder you in your sleep?
(INT: Max's place, MH is in bed, nude, covered in various limbs and torsos. No actual nudity is on display)

EB (via electronic speech bubble): Worse. He has befouled my showerhead with his man ass.
MH: Not Mister Squirty? With the pulsing and the modes and the aerated stream?
EB: The very same.
MH: That bastard!
(INT: Back at JH and EB's place)

EB: Seriously, has the man no respect for the sanctity of a woman's plumbing accessories?
MH: Yeah. It's almost as if he can't take a bath and can only use one hand to wash himself or something.
EB: ...Well, crap, now you made me feel bad for him again.
(INT: Max's place again, Max is fumbling with something offpanel)

MH: Just tell him that since he E Coli'd up your principal source of orgasms, now he has to take over the showerhead's duties. Daily.
EB: You know, maybe if I could somehow eliminate everything you could ever possibly say, the phrases that are left over would actually be practical advice.