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"Incel", as a term, as an idea, is just so damn goofy. It's an attempt to equate "women won't fuck me for some reason" with a disability or systemic oppression. It's co-opting SJW language - indeed, the very concept of privilege/disadvantage - and trying to apply it to one's own inability to get laid.

I've commented before about how Lily's biological determinism aligns her, ideologically, with your typical pickup artist / butthurt MRA type... she essentially holds the same views of the battle of the sexes, but happens to be on the opposing side.

I think she's right to view such men as legitimately dangerous, though. Few demographics are so heinously fermented as that of superfluous dudes who are under the impression that the world owes them a waifu.

(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's kitchen)

EB: Okay, are you seriously under the impression that Jamie is... what, like an abusive boyfriend? Or do you just not approve of me cohabitating with a dude in general?
LH: Jamie Halligan is not psychologically normal.
EB: Mmmgranted. That doesn't make him dangerous.
LH: He's one of those beta male incel types. He's a shooting spree waiting to happen.
EB: Okay, a) never say "incel" again, b) you don't know what you're talking about.
LH: He was playing a dog. A big ugly dog. And he wanted to "dominance-hump" Maxine's character. You're telling me that's not an expression of intense sexual frustration and a consequent desire to dominate, hurt, and humiliate women?
EB: Lily, I think we both know that anyone coming within five feet of Max isn't involuntarily celibate. And if sexual frustration was a crime, we'd all be in jail.
LH: I certainly wouldn't be.
EB: Sweet fictional Jesus, I do not need to hear about how sexually unfrustrated you are.