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Are the Leftover Soup characters attractive?

Over the years, I've drawn them more and more abstracted and cartoony - the art was worse overall, but the style was more realistic in the beginning, I think. I guess whether or not you consider them attractive depends on how your brain interprets that style. Some people can get more into an abstracted style than others.

Whether or not a character is supposed to be attractive... well, I try to make that clear in the writing, in the way that these characters interact with each other. After all, attractiveness is defined by the ability to attract - even if I drew Ellen with green skin and orc tusks, if the other characters are attracted to her, then she is, by definition, attractive.

Definitely some characters are more visually complicated than others. Carol, Gina after her makeover, Ellen right now... I put more visual detail into their design, more shading and highlights and such. This isn't necessarily meant to indicate prettiness per se, but rather the level of artifice involved.

It's also more work. I hope Ellen gets changed soon.

(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's kitchen)

EB: So to sum up, you think Jamie is trying to control me, and that he'll become violent if he can't.
LH: I think Mister Halligan, like all beta males, has a distinct lack of control in his own life, and is scattershotting at all the vaginas in range in the hopes of finding one he'll be able to exert control over...
LH: ...and, failing that, yes, he will, inevitably, be dangerous.
EB: Scattershotting?
LH: As a matter of fact, tonight alone, in addition to his display in the game itself... he was trying to hit on me.
EB: Really? Because I didn't notice anything remotely like that occurring.
LH: You wouldn't have. I was able to keep my composure. Didn't want to cause an incident in your home. You're welcome.
EB: Lily, I highly doubt Jamie was hitting on you. You may have misinterpreted-
LH: Why? Because I'm not attractive?
EB: I wasn't-
LH: Because I'm fat and I wear glasses and I've got Jewnose?
EB: I... wh... b... some men prefer curves!
LH: Exactly.
EB: Fff!