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I've mentioned before that Lily is an object-sexual, but she's not really a typical object-sexual.

Most OSes tend to anthropomorphize the cars or dolls or rollercoasters or landmarks that are the objects of their affection. That way, they can have romances with these things, if not exactly two-way conversations.

Lily, in contrast, actually has no problem with the human form, physically. It's people she can't stand. She's an aromantic object-sexual - that's why the assorted sexdroids of Florenovia are specifically non-sapient, and the women of that setting aren't attracted to each other. That is her paradise. Sex, for Lily, is something you use a thing to do to yourself, for yourself.

And, of course, that is the core of her attitude towards other people's relationships - if sex is something that you use things to do, then, necessarily, having sex with another person (even a lesbian) is the very height of unethical behaviour. It is, by definition, using another person to fulfill your own needs. Sexual and/or romantic relationships are, necessarily, one person utilizing another as either a physical or an emotional tool. At best, a successful relationship would be two people agreeing to use each other in equal measure, like prostitutes who barter to pay for sex with other sex.

Of course, the real kicker about Lily - the reason she's still tolerated by her friends and loathed by certain contingents of my audience - is that nothing she says is ever definitively wrong. Her definitions of relationships and monogamy are not incorrect. Her description of testosterone affecting the brain is not incorrect. Like Max, she starts from a few precepts and simply takes things to their furthest extreme.

Occasionally, though, she does go further than her friends will tolerate.

(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's kitchen)

LH: Look, bottom line: it has always been a bad idea for you to have a male roommate. He is going to try to own you, and when he can't, it is going to get messy.
EB: Do you see all human relationships as power struggles, or just the ones between men and women?
LH: It's nature. It's what testosterone does to the brain, that's why men are on top in virtually every society on the planet.
LH: Find me a definition of "relationship" that isn't "I'm entitled to your time, your attention, your body." Find me a definition of "monogamy" that isn't "you're not allowed to fuck other people".
LH: Hell, why would sex with another person supposedly be better than masturbation? Either because you're using their body for your own stimulation or because you're trying to manipulate their reactions. Both are about control.
EB: Alright, well, Lily, here's my bottom line.
EB: I understand that this is coming from a place of concern for me, and that is the only reason I am not literally throwing you out of my home right now. You know nothing about Jamie, and if you don't want to game in the apartment where he lives, we can certainly go back to RPing in the back room at Overdrive again.
LH: Hey, as I recall, you were the one who said we shouldn't be doing D&D back there any more.
EB: I think we'd be fine as long as we scrounged up enough chairs so that we don't have to sit on each other's laps again. Gina is bony.