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You ever get so caught up in step 3 that you forgot what step 1 was?

(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's living room)

EB: You took your time changing out of that suit.
JH: I... got distracted working on something else, actually.
EB: don't mean what we discussed on the stairs up, do you?
JH: Oh, no, no, I have... a, uh... a project I kinda want to launch into the next phase of first thing tomorrow. Right after that storm would be ideal.
JH: Besides, that Scooby game was a pretty effective cold shower.
EB: I don't know about that, you seemed pretty eager to get your dominance-hump on.
JH: Well, that was a canine mindset thing. I was trying to assert my alphaness over the pack.
EB: So you only went for Max's offer so enthusiastically because you wanted Scooby-Doo to seize control of the Scooby gang, is that it?
JH: I had to! Max was going to split the party otherwise! I don't care what kind of game it is, you never split the party in the middle of a haunted mansion, that's basic!
(INT: bathroom)

EB (beginning to remove jewelry): So in order to keep the party from being split, you challenged Freddy for leadership... by splitting the party.
JH: I grant you, in retrospect, it was not the most effective strategy.