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I still prefer "gynosexual" to "heterosexual". It specifies "I am attracted to women and the female form" without having to carry baggage about the speaker's gender identity. I expect, in the future, when "cis" is no longer the assumed norm, that terms like "gynosexual" will become more common.

I really don't think Jamie has a right answer, here - or, at least, any "right" answer he can give would, necessarily, be artificial and insincere. As much as Ellen has been steadfastly deflecting Max's all-sex-is-good and Gina's most-sex-is-immoral and Lily's all-men-are-bad ideologies, I do think it's obvious that they've all gotten into her head a bit, and that makes this conversation a bit of a minefield.

As much as my audience usually tends to disagree with Max, I'd wager most of you are yelling "STOP TALKING AND JUST FUCK ALREADY" at these two.

(Saturday evening, INT: EB and JH's bathroom)

EB: You're attracted to Max, aren't you?
JH: As a gynosexual, I find myself attracted to individuals who exhibit feminine characteristics, yes. Existence of boobs and so forth.
JH: Plus, I mean, she gets up in your face and says "please fuck me", I can't not respond to that on some level, y'know?
JH: But of course, she's already in a relationship. Multiple relationships. So.
EB: Max was too slutty, Gina wasn't slutty enough, but I'm juuuust right, huh?
JH: ...I sense that "yes" would be the wrong answer here.
EB: Sure would.
JH: Well, I mean, what's wrong with practical compatibility, though? I wouldn't want to date you if you were married. The concept wouldn't even occur to me. Is that bad?
EB: I guess I just don't want to be compared to other people at all, if that's possible.
JH: Well, at last count, there's over seven billion of'em, so that's gonna be a little tough.